The Loxley Group is one of the world’s leading energy and supplies companies principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, sustainable energy, and biological research. Loxley had 116,000 employees as of 2010 working on projects in nearly 60 countries with $20 billion in revenue. Loxley's size, its political clout, and its penchant for privacy have made it a constant subject of scrutiny for journalists and politicians since the 1930s. Loxley owns and operates power plants, oil refineries, water systems, and airports in several countries including the United States, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.


The Loxley Group was founded by Randolph Loxley in 1920.

Randolph's son Reid Loxley inherited the company in 1955. He has been the company's President and CEO until his recent conviction for securities fraud. Under normal circumstances, Reid's son Robin would become acting President in his absence, but this has been opposed by the board of directors and attorneys who argue that Randolph's Will to name a successor is nullified by his "criminal" actions. Robin and his attorney Marian Fitzwalter are fighting to put Robin in control of his family's company.

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Tyler Manufacturing


Poitiers de France


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Privatization of government assets (airports, bridges, public roads, jails, education, government information)