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Lasser, Brock & Crowe, LLP is a private practice law firm specializing in Wills and Trusts. The firm has come into the spotlight as a detractor of the Loxley Group.

Senior AttorneysEdit

  • Eric Scott Lasser, Jr.
  • Leslie Brock
  • Neal Crowe
  • Michael Conkle
  • Dean Cummings
  • Janet Ignoffo

Junior AttorneysEdit

  • Geoff Lindley
  • Anuprabha "Anu" Choudry
  • Tracey Ko
  • Candace Apodaca
  • Romona Suzo
  • Leslie McCutcheon
  • Carrie Elkhorn
  • "Maggie" Amado
  • Teri Edelmann
  • Richard Navarre

Other StaffEdit